Add a VMware Exam Blueprint Guide recommended readings to iTunes using PowerShell

PowerShell logoAlthough I have been working as a VMware vSphere systems admin for more than two years now, I still don’t hold any VMware certification. The main reason for this was, that I didn’t take any VMware training course. And you won’t be VMware certified, if you haven’t at least followed one VMware training. In june I took the “VMware vSphere: Troubleshooting” class. So the reason for not doing a VMware exam was gone. And now I need to get prepared for the VMware VCP4 exam.

As you might now, if you want to prepare yourself for a VMware exam, you need to start with downloading the Exam Blueprint Guide. This guide describes what you should know to pass the exam. In this guide there are references to VMware documentation you should read before taking the exam. And I would love to read all these documents on my iPad. Being a PowerShell scripter I didn’t want to download all these documents and add them to my iTunes library manually. So I wrote a Powershell function to do that for me. Read more of this post